The Glass houses are build in the manufacturing plant from Metallbau Neumaier, in Bavaria. The planning and the project management of all crafts are organized and processed by Master Ateliers GmbH.


At the beginning is the longing for a special room and space experience. A customer describes his vison of residing under the free sky at a specific location. We will then take a closer look at this location, look at the preferences and habits from the customer, consider the wishes and ideas from the future owner. We will beginn to understand and design a room and a shell. The sketches and the graphics are then put into a three dimensional presentation and animation.


We support the search for the perfect location and lay the foundation for the planning by studying the building law, by inquiring what official permits are required and if necessary take a look at contaminated sites.

The vision is becoming more and more specific. We use this phase intensely to improve the virtual planning. The interaction of the location and the room is defined and designed, verified and refined. The future inhabitants dictate how they plan to use the glass room and which characteristics it must fulfill. All characteristics of the room are defined such as light, sound, climate, technic, safety, shadding and sight protection.

At this point we will determine which services shall be provided for by Master Ateliers GmbH. Generally speaking Master Ateliers GmbH offers turnkey delivery and the installation of all crafts. In case other planners, handymen, landscaping artists are already involved on this site, we will work hand in hand with them.

The future owners will receive suggestions for the interior design, such as manufacturers for audio and video equipment, light systems, floor coverings and other installations. The decision making process will be supported by material samples and technical demonstrations. Last but not least the price and the schedule for the performance will be determined.


Now the client can relax. Master Ateliers GmbH will initiate the building phase, take care of all relevent structural calculations and verifications. We will take care of the communication with the authorities and the production in the manufacturing plant. Then it will beginn, the building, the mounting, the installing. All components will be thoroughly tested, and the outdoor installation set up and cleaned up.


A feast day for the owner.

Would you like an appointment to view one of our glass houses? Please send us an e-mail or give us a call. We look forward to your visit.