Room Experience

THE ROOM EXPERIENCE — Glass houses by Master Ateliers – a room in the middle of nature. The aesthetical appearance inspires and fascinates. The room becomes a personal cosmos for the owner, a synthesis of the arts.


HOW IS A GLASS HOUSE PRODUCED? — The Glass houses are build in the manufacturing plant from Metallbau Neumaier, in Bavaria. The planning and the project management of all crafts are organized and processed by Master Ateliers GmbH.

Glass houses

DIFFERENT TYPES AND INDIVIDUAL FORMS — The glass houses by Master Ateliers are as multifarious and diverse as their builders. Be it an annex or as a separate room in the country side.


PERSONAL TOUCH — Let your thoughts take off. Whatever your specific setting may be, we will find the perfect solution for you.


ARTISTIC CREATIVITY, ENGENEERING SPIRIT AND PRECISION WORKMANSHIP — Master Ateliers is a joint venture from the well known metal constructor Christian Neumaier and the architect Hildegard Rasthofer.


SUPERIOR QUALITY — While completing the interior of the glass houses Master Ateliers cooperates with distiguished manufacturers. Their products are made with the same relentless pursuit of perfection for exqusit materials, design and craftmanship.